06 October 2015

Sign from Old Window

After my Great Aunt passed away and the loan for the gentleman who had won it at auction fell through my parents decided to buy her homestead, which was the house my grandmother grew up in.  Among some of the awesome finds throughout the house were some old windows that I begged him to leave there in the shed to continue to patina and get gross until I came up with something brilliant to do with them...here is my first project.

DIY Sign from Window
The original
(actually this is after a thorough cleaning--clearly not of the floor though)
You can't really tell in most of the pictures but the "top" and "bottom" of the frame are not even, which is why I decided it should be a vertical sign rather than horizontal.  I painted it with the same paint/stain combo I used in the DIY Table-Top Greenhouse project.  

Then, I had these thick vinyl sticker letters I had purchased long ago at Hobby Lobby.  So I decided to use these rather than create letters with my Silhouette.  

Letters for DIY sign

Even though I measured and tried to get the letters fairly centered, I felt like there was more of a gap at the end of the word than at the beginning.  

Which of course you cannot even see in this photo.

So I decided on a simple heart to put underneath.  So I hopped onto my Silhouette program and spent FOREVER fooling around, looking at heart shapes, deciding how big I wanted it, looking at other things I could make with my Silhouette on Facebook....FINALLY got ready to plug it into the cutting machine to make my heart and realized...I had no black vinyl.  

So, I improvised. 

I had noticed earlier that the flowy font I was using made some very pretty numbers, so I cut apart the number 2 and number 3 to make a heart.  

I promise to work on my photos 

So we have a finished product!

What do you think?  This is a really simple way to do it if you don't have something that can cut vinyl, I think if I do it with the Silhouette in the future I would do reverse cuts and put the letters on the "wrong side" so that the front would be easier to clean. Also, these stickers had really fine edges that didn't want to stick, so I had to glue some of those down, maybe some higher quality stuff than stickers would work a little better on glass.  

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