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Shania Twain

Tell me about it...

Ooh! Men.

Have you ever tried to figure them out?
Huh, me too,
but I ain't got no clue
How 'bout you? Men are like shoes
Made to confuse
Yeah, there's so many of 'em
I don't know which ones to choose
(yeah, yeah, yeah)
Ah, sing it to me If you agree
There's the kind made for runnin'
The sneakers and the low down heels
The kind that will keep you on your toes
And every girl knows how that feels
(yeah, yeah, yeah)
Ouch, ah, sing it with me

You've got your kickers and your ropers
Your everyday loafers,
some that you can never find
You've got your slippers and your zippers
Your grabbers and your grippers
Man, don't ya hate that kind?
Some you wear in, some you wear out
Some you wanna leave behind
Sometimes you hate 'em
And sometimes you love 'em
I guess it all depends on which way you rub 'em
But a girl can never have too many of 'em
It's amazing what a little polish will do...
Men are like shoes...

Some make you feel ten feet tall
Some make you feel so small
Some you want to leave out in the hall
Or make you feel like kicking the wall
(yeah, yeah, yeah)
Ah, sing it with me, girls
(yeah, yeah, yeah)

(Repeat Chorus)

Some can polish up pretty good...
Ah, men are like shoes..


It's amazing what a little polish will do
Some clean up good, just
Some you can't afford, some are real cheap
Some are good for bummin' around on the beach
You've got your kickers and your ropers
Your everyday loafers, yeah some that you can never find
You've got your slippers and your zippers
Your grabbers and your grippers
And man, don't ya hate that kind?

(Repeat Chorus)

I ain't got time for the flip-flop kind...
Men are like shoes!


Anonymous said…
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I think this blog rocks! Keep up the good work, I've bookmarked it and will definitely swing by again soon.

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Tom Clancy said…
Hllo,hello,hello,hello,hello,hello,hello,hello,hello,hello,hello,hello,hello,hello,hello,hello,hello, hello,hello,hello,hello
Anonymous said…
Dear Jess,

Jack here. I'm sorry I didn't say "I'll miss you". It probably would have helped if I had known when you were leaveing but that isn't important.That would have been awkward, wouldn't it? ME saying "i'll miss you" and then you don't leave for columbus and I see you again. Please understand that I never really feel comfortable talking to very many people and since inever really talk, I never know how to express my feelings. That story was just one of those few moments when I did. I'm sorry if I upset you in anyway. I really will miss you.
Brittany said…
I heart that song. Do you know what to do when you get sick of your shoes though? You burn them. No more annoying shoes telling you that they don't see you enough or complaining to you about thier bad day or wanting closure every 5 seconds...Wait, we're still talking about shoes right?
Maggie said…
Yeah... men can be like shoes. Speaking of shoes... we still have to burn your skanky sandals. Don't think we've forgotten about them... they're never safe!

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