29 July 2011


Vermicomposting is exactly what is sounds like: composting with vermis, which is the Latin for worms.  

I first became acquainted with vermicomposting when I started at Grow Food, Grow Hope in November 2009.  One of my coworkers was attempting to vermicompost in a container he kept in his desk and usually the 1st thing he said to you after "hello" was "want to see my worms?"  However, the worms jumped ship, were all over the office, and then were banned permanently.  

Since that day I had a small adventure into composting with worms.  In my ignorance in the nature of compost I assumed that worms were always necessary for compost and therefore dug up worms from the backyard to add to my porch compost bin (an 18-gallon Rubbermaid tub I drilled holes in and added my food scraps to).  These worms of course were never seen again as they were cooked in my compost bin.  

And then the research began.   

Now that I have done my homework and realized that compost is SUPPOSED to get above 120 degrees to cook properly.  And vermicomposting is done almost entirely by the worms and that they eat their body weight in food every day.  

With that information I am ready to make compost with worms!  For more information on Vermicomposting check out this great detailed website "Cathy's Crawly Composters"

And in my next post I'll show you how to make your own vermicomposter out of an old dresser drawer!

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