21 November 2016

Wedding Project: DIY Shadow Box

This one's really simple, all you need is stuff you want to keep and a shadowbox. Make sure you go to Hobby Lobby when they're 50% off!!

My choice
I chose a box that had a magnetic front so that I didn't have to create my design and then put it in the box, I was already adding it to the box right away, that would be my recommendation if you have anything fragile.  But if you're just doing photographs a removable back shadowbox would be fine.

Begin assembling.


I decided I didn't want to hot glue the flowers directly into the box just in case something happened in the future and they didn't look pretty anymore.  So I measured some paper to fit in the exact corner where I wanted my blooms.

My flower template

Glue your flowers onto your template with your favorite craft glue, I used E6000 but I'm sure hot glue would work just fine.  Be sure to give them an extra shake to free any of the silica dust from the drying process!

And then admire the finished product!

Finished Product

02 November 2016

Wedding Project: DIY Bouquet Drying

The bouquets for my wedding were beautiful, full of my favorite flowers in my favorite colors with all the texture and wonderfulness you expect from a professionally done bouquet.

I really wanted to have my bouquet freeze dried but for $150 just to dry it and then more to have it mounted it just wasn't in the budget to have done.  Not to mention the anxiety I felt about having to mail someone my bouquet.  So we researched an alternative option.

I read this tutorial, which was super helpful and it convinced me that this was doable.  So we went to JoAnns bought our Silica gel, and went to work.

Here's the product we used-we bought 6 jars

We didn't want to have to drive back to JoAnn's half way through the project so we bought 6 jars of product, you'll probably need more than that if you do your whole bouquet (more on that in a second).

First, you'll want to take your bouquet apart, I waited WAY to long, seriously I would recommend doing this the day after your wedding if not that night.  I waited 3 days and I only had 1/4 of the blooms left that were worth drying.  This is not something that can wait even if you have your bouquet in water this needs to be done IMMEDIATELY.  I dried blooms from both my bouquet and another of the Bridesmaids bouquets. I left Josh's boutonniere dry naturally for comparison. 

The process

Start by adding a layer of the silica gel in the bottom of an airtight container.  I used some oversized tupperware from the cabinet.  Then start cutting the blooms off their stems (this isn't the best method if you want to put your bouquet back together) if you want to put the bouquet back together you can leave the stems a little long and use wire to create stems at the end.

Then add another layer of silica on top of the blooms.

Adding another layer of silica

Then you wait!  It only took my blooms a few days and they became overly dry and borderline brittle.  So I would recommend you try and check your blooms in between to make sure you get them as perfect as possible.

The finished blooms

Once they're done remove the silica and admire your beautifully dried blooms.  Then use them to make something beautiful!  Stay tuned to see what mine become!

27 October 2016

Wedding Project: DIY Giant Chandelier

As I mentioned in the previous post about our mini chandelier I really wanted to add some glam to my wedding but I didn't exactly have the budget to pull it off.  Here's where chandeliers really come into play, big showpieces...and in my case not a lot of dough!

We started with two different sized hula hoops.  Depending on exactly how big you were going you could start with wreath forms or any other round objects.  I spray painted mine gold since they were two different colors.  

Once they were dry I used ribbon to hang them one inside the other.  I would recommend using fishing line for this instead because depending on the kind of beads you use you can see the ribbon sticking out.  Make sure that your hoops are evening spaced from one another all the way around.  I hung mine from the ceiling to ensure that it hung straight. 

Attaching my two hoops

Now you need some glam, I ordered these beads from Amazon and they worked great.  The only problem was I made my layers WAY longer than I should have so I probably ended up with $50 worth of beads on this project...not as budget friendly as I'd hoped.  I used hot glue to attach the strands which I cut to the desired length. 

Gluing strands

As you're working on this I would definitely try and do an entire layer in one sitting if you can.  As I ran out of beads I was not able to do this and it lead to a little bit of warping of my first layer which made it difficult to hang the chandelier straight.  

First Layer Complete--ignore the background noise

And then you do the same with the second layer, I used a slightly shorter bead string this time, but its all about personal preference. 

Second Layer Complete

And of course the most important part is CAREFULLY bring it to your venue, we lost more than one strand of beads in transport, so its important to not SHOVE it in your car when you're moving it. Then of course, dance the night away. 

Buffet tables not included.