08 February 2016


Today I read a great article about investing in yourself.  And it really has reminded me that I need to get myself in gear. 

His basic premise is that you should make a list of what you want to accomplish and create actionable steps to do it.  Then, you should look at it every day and find some way each day to work toward that goal.  Simple, yet genius.  

You can read Jon Westenberg's article "How to Invest In Yourself" and maybe think about your own goals.  Either way, I'm going to work on my own list and see if there are things I can work toward in my own life.  

Stay tuned for my own magical list of future life accomplishments.  

23 January 2016

Workin' it

To take my mind off Ethel's demise I'm working a craft show today. Of course since everyone expected snowmaggdeon there is no one around so we're not doing great. But the good news is I made a few more new things I love. 

It's been suggested I start an Etsy shop but I'm not sure I'm ready to pull the trigger yet. So come visit me in person until then! 

18 January 2016

Just Checking In

I know I missed last week but I promise I'm working on this blogging once/week thing. 

I am working on some new stuff for a craft show this coming weekend so stay tuned for my second craft show experience and some new things to show off. 

In other news my car is going into the shop tomorrow, so send good juju my way so that Ethel gets to feeling better soon!