19 January 2017

Something More

"We are most fulfilled when we are involved in something bigger than ourselves" -Senator John Glenn. 

This theme of something more and bigger seems to be following me around today.  When I turned on the radio this morning Elvis Duran and The Morning Show were talking about doing more.  Pick one thing in your life and do more to it, and it was really interesting because I don't really think of them as an inspirational push the boundaries radio show.  But there was even this woman who called in and said she "did more" with her family.  She took more time with her husband and her kids and how that had positively affected her family.  

Then the focus in my office was all about making me more professional.  My office is also the workroom, full of files, supplies, envelopes, paper, etc.  So our volunteer helped me take things apart, clean everything, sort files, put some things in storage all in an effort to make me seem more executive.  

And then there's this message on Twitter reminding me that I'm not just my job.  

Cause while I am part of something greater than myself in my office, bringing jobs to the community.  I also want to use this as a metaphor for the day-to-day humdrum of my life.  

Everyday is part of something bigger, days make up weeks, make up months, make up years of my life.  And Change, change starts one day at a time.  I think this was a good reminder today, just a few weeks into the "Year of my Side Hustle" to remember that I can do something everyday to improve.  

So don't forget to do something more today.  Just a little something more that can build on to the next day and the next day and the next day.  Cause that's how your days will be fulfilled.  

16 January 2017

Pet Peeves

I know this is petty but there are just things that get under your skin.  Here's a list of things that make me want to scream and cry and throw things--In no particular order. 

1. Speaker phone-Just don't use it.  I already don't want to hear your half of the conversation, why would I want to hear the other half?
2. Lip Smacking-Eating or any other time. 
3. Lack of Responsibility-Just admit you were wrong, don't blame someone else. 
4. Buzzwords-They don't make you sound clever, they make you sound like you don't actually know you just want to sound smart. 
5. People-ok not really but a little bit. 

Glad I got that off my chest. 

29 December 2016

New Year's Resolutions 2017

I've always been terrible at these, and like many other years they will probably last approximately a month and a half.  No matter how long they last I think its important to think about the year ahead and set some intentions in the hopes of moving forward in the coming 12 months.  

1. Get Moving. 
Josh and I are the proud parents of a very energetic five-year old fur baby.  Honestly, I let him do nearly all the walks and am therefore missing out on a lot of action that my body needs.  So its time to strap on the FitBit and get moving.  

2. Write. 
As part of focusing on my side hustle in 2017 I want to work on my blog as well.  I really enjoy showing off my work and this is just another avenue I can do that in, not to mention the catharsis of writing.  

3. Save. 
I'm terrible with money, I mean really horrible.  Costs are increasing dramatically and my raise is frankly not going to cover all the new expenses, so its time to do more with the dollars I have.  I want to eat fast food less and pack lunch more and use that money that I'm saving to build a little nest egg so I'm ready for expenses.  Josh and I have a joint savings account from the wedding money we received but it would be nice to have a savings of my own so I don't feel guilty depleting our funds on things just for me  (Like hopefully a belated bday trip with Megan) and we can save our joint account for house expenses.  

4. Self-Care.
I'm terrible at this.  When I'm feeling bad instead of doing something about it I hide under the covers until its time to go to work again, and that's not really helping.  I need to take my medications more regularly, eat better, etc.  I also want to do things that seem really obvious to some people that are a struggle for me like wear makeup regularly and do something with my hair other than a clip.  

My plan is to break these up into monthly goals and do a better job of keeping track of my progress in my journal (trying the bullet style).  Goals work better when they're broken into smaller pieces so hopefully you'll see me talking about monthly goals and progress reports on a regular basis.  Other than that, wish me luck!