03 December 2012

Happy December

So my poor blog was completely neglected so I'm sure you noticed that I did NOT post every week like I wanted. I also didn't do the reading that I had wanted.

 But I DID pick up my knitting. My huge dream goal would be to finish my knitting project by Christmas to give it as a gift...but I've been having a little difficulty with that since my cat thinks its fun to attack it...so we'll have to work on that.  I also got a new job-sort of-I have been working at another call center for Christmas money, but I really want to find something where I can focus on my marketing skills, so we'll see how that pans out.  

I also finished a really cute craft project, but not my t-shirt quilt.  I promise to write a blog about the ADORABLE gift that I made for Lily for her birthday.  

But let's not focus on last month...let's look forward!  Here's what I'm hoping to do in December. 

1. Dream goal: to finish my scarf that I'm knitting to give it as a Christmas gift

But only if I can find time to knit that doesn't involve my cat attacking me!  

2. Keep up the job search

I'm really wanting to find a way to use my skills more.  I feel that I have been really lucky to learn the things that I did in my previous experiences and I want to get the opportunity to use those skills to affect change in people's lives and my community.  

3. Send my Christmas cards and finish my Christmas shopping! 

I think this one is pretty obvious!  

4. Blog once/week 

I really want my blog to feel a little more love! 

5. Get out of this rut!  

I've been feeling pretty low lately.  And just feel like I can't pull myself back up on my feet.  I really want to get myself moving both physically and mentally.  I don't know if that's just changing up my habits, going to the gym, or what that looks like quite yet...but I really want to get things mixed up so that I bounce back from this rut.  

Happy December!  Get those Christmas cards sent out so everyone knows you love them before the end of the world!  LOL! 

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