27 October 2009

Your Blog: Resume Boost or Liability?

I have recently read two different blogs that have both touched on the same topic. How your blog affects your resume and/or job search. The first was an interview with Sasha Halima, one of my favorite bloggers, at PR Breakfast Club. You can read it here. The second is on Brand Yourself, Your Blog is Your Extended Resume.

Brand Yourself argues just what the title says that a blog is an extended resume and that when a potential employer searches for you and finds a blog full of fabulous content, they'll hire you.

And while I couldn't agree more that I AGONIZED over the fact that potential employers were most likely Googling me and getting results for some person in Seattle or a Blues Singer in New York the interview with Sasha Halima said something that also struck a chord with me. Your blog can be a "liability." That is the scariest word that any potential employer could ever say because, if you're a liability to them, odds are other potential employers could feel the same way.

The thing about writing a great blog is that you can't be nice to everyone. If someone, let's call them Fred, is doing something you don't believe in you are probably going to speak up about it because its your blog and you have the right to say you believe Fred is in the wrong. However, what if Company X happens to have Fred as a client? They probably can't hire you if you've said that Fred's business practices are unethical, even if they are.

So what do you think? Is writing a blog really the biggest resume boost you could create or could you be risking rejection?

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