31 October 2012

October Goals Wrap-Up

I am once again not please with the results of my monthly goals.  It looks like I'm at less than 30%!  That's not good! 

1. Work out at the gym...it WILL happen someday. -Not only did it not happen it looks like I will have to find another way to work out because I will not be getting access to the DSW gym any longer. 
2. Get 500 followers on Twitter...I'm SOOO close  SUCCESS!!!
3. Complete my latest craft project -Also complete, but I'm not sure I'm happy with it.  
4. Clear out my garden plot -Done, the only thing left is a cabbage plant since they don't mind the cold.  
5. Set-up an online photography portfolio (I have a Flickr; does anyone have any recommendations they like better?)-I didn't work on this...did anyone have any feedback on whether they would pick something over Flickr?
6. Continue blogging at least once/week -I missed the 3rd week of October, but other than that I did pretty good.  
7. Pick my knitting back up -This one I'm kind of ashamed of...I didn't even pull it out of the closet yet!  
8. Finish 2 books -Only finished one.
9. Work on my translations -Like my knitting I am ashamed I did not pick this up.  
10. Watch at least one movie from my AFI list.  This one is pretty surprising for me because I don't feel like I watched hardly any movies this month.  I feel bad because I missed out on the Hitchcock films being played on the big screen and that would have been perfect for this.  

Let's hope November can help me turn over a new leaf!  

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