12 September 2011

Catching up on some gardening.

I apologize for my lack of updates lately. So hopefully this one will be nice and long and placate you angry blog readers :-p 

 I finally felt well enough today to go back out and work on the "garden" on my porch. It's been terribly neglected lately.

So first, I repotted the blueberry bush Josh bought me.  We're really excited about it...its a Pink Lemonade Blueberry which we think sounds AMAZING!  It was in a really small pot when we bought it but since it was so close to fall I wanted to wait until it dropped its leaves, I know it looks sad, but its supposed to look that way.  

After that I planted the iris rhizomes that I got from my Mom over labor day weekend.  I know its been over a week, but they were so dry to begin with I think they'll be fine.  

Don't judge my Walmart bag...I was recycling!
I was thinning them for her in the hopes that they would bloom better next year but they were so thick in her flower bed that I'm not even sure I did a good job thinning them!  

They sort of look like shrimp to me...
see the little legs as the roots?
I decided to go ahead and plant them in one of my drawers that matches the one I used for my Vermicompost project.  They say that the Rhizomes are supposed to be on/near the surface so I'm hoping that the shallowness of the container will not hinder them.  

Planted in old drawer
I planted the remaining rhizomes I had in my backyard along the house.  There is a strip of sad looking grass that really should be a flower bed between my backyard and the sidewalk where only half was prepared for gardening.  I ripped out clumps of grass and put the rhizomes in, I'm sure they'll over power the grass.  

My next project is to plant the day lily bulbs/rhizomes (whatever they're considered) that my Grandmother gave me.  I think they're also going to go into a dresser drawer...unless someone knows otherwise...are they accepting of shallow planting?

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