01 August 2011

Vermicomposter How-to

Here it is! The moment you've all been waiting for: how to make a vermicomposter out of an old dresser drawer. 

The dresser drawers
I had painted the drawers because I had planned to plant in them.  But I realized that this would be the perfect for some worms: small (I have a low amount of waste), easy to drill holes in, easy to move/keep inside.  

The drill was all I needed to get started.  Thanks Megan for sharing the cost of the drill!

Above you can see the drawer side, I drilled quarter inch holes every few inches along the sides with even more on the bottom-about one every inch.  

I popped the bottom out of one of the other drawers to use as a lid.  Originally I had bought hinges but it actually leaves a gap that is great for air flow so I think instead I'm going to find some sort of latch for the sides...just in case my kitty gets curious.  

A few copies of the Wilmington News Journal soaked in water made beds for my new friends to sleep in and an apple core and an old potato to eat plus a scoop of dirt and other random things out of my compost and voila...worm bedding.  

And there are the worms!  I'm afraid the picture is blurry but they're happily living in their bin now...hopefully making worm castings for my plants!  

I'll keep you updated on their status.  

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