31 August 2010

Pledge for Hunger Action Month

Awhile back I wrote a post about mow-less yards and then today I read an article in the Chicago Tribune Editorials about a great gardener who has turned his front yard into a garden and his neighbors complained!  

I personally think turning your lawn into your own personal vegetable garden is a great idea.  Not only will you probably grow enough produce to feed you and your family and your neighbors you might even grow enough to share your bounty with a local food pantry!  And that of course, is the most important thing.  

The garden beds I planted and tend (thanks to Verizon Telecommunications)
as part of my VISTA position.

Tomorrow, September 1st marks the beginning of Hunger Action Month.  And as a VISTA focusing on poverty and food access this is an issue I deal with everyday.  So here is my pledge to you...ever loyal blog readers.  

I, JessicaCRB, pledge to (through my work as a Grow Food, Grow Hope AmeriCorps VISTA) take part in Hunger Action month by assisting those in the Clinton County Community who are suffering from hunger and will thereafter blog about it.  

Want to take part in Hunger Action Month?  Here's 30 Ways in 30 Days to do something! (Courtesy of Mid-Ohio Foodbank).  

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