07 April 2010

Mow-less Yards

Everyone hates mowing the lawn.  Well here's an alternative to mowing!  Not to mention how much you lower your carbon footprint by not wasting gas to run the lawnmower.  

I began thinking about this after walking by this house on campus today.  As you can see this person's lawn looks just like anyone else's, green but maybe there are a few little specks of color mixed in.  

However, if you look closer, you'll see the lovely purple flowers filling the yard.  

This gives the owner a lawn that never has to be mowed, that stays green and is much more low maintenance than grass.  And these aren't your only option.  Would you like an edible lawn?  Creeping Thyme holds up well to foot traffic and can add delicious flavor to any number of dishes.  Corsican Mint is also a ground cover plant as is Wooly Thyme.  Creeping/Ground Cover plants can cover quite a large area so don't worry that your lawn will look sparse and you'll have a lovely lawn that does more than just get crabgrass.  

Not sold yet?  Check out these ideas for plants that hold up well to foot traffic.  They would make great lawns, living paths in your garden, or maybe just a groundcover for your flowerbed.  

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