14 December 2016

I plan to make 2017 the year of the side hustle

I've had a blog since I was using dial-up in my parents basement and writing about my high school boyfriend.  But I've never made it a priority in my life to work at it, become a better writer and gain a following.  

2016 made me feel like I have my personal life pretty together.  I got married, we bought a house, adopted a dog. So now seems like the perfect time to focus on another aspect of my life, my side hustle.  I started an Etsy shop, I have a space in a local shop but things haven't exactly been flying off the shelves. 

So here is what I plan to bring you in 2017: 

More step-by-steps of what I'm working on 
More information-as I learn about things so will you 
More goal setting (and hopefully goal reaching)

All of these things that I plan to learn about and set goals to attain are coming to the blog, so look out for more planning and therefore achieving. 

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