21 November 2016

Wedding Project: DIY Shadow Box

This one's really simple, all you need is stuff you want to keep and a shadowbox. Make sure you go to Hobby Lobby when they're 50% off!!

My choice
I chose a box that had a magnetic front so that I didn't have to create my design and then put it in the box, I was already adding it to the box right away, that would be my recommendation if you have anything fragile.  But if you're just doing photographs a removable back shadowbox would be fine.

Begin assembling.


I decided I didn't want to hot glue the flowers directly into the box just in case something happened in the future and they didn't look pretty anymore.  So I measured some paper to fit in the exact corner where I wanted my blooms.

My flower template

Glue your flowers onto your template with your favorite craft glue, I used E6000 but I'm sure hot glue would work just fine.  Be sure to give them an extra shake to free any of the silica dust from the drying process!

And then admire the finished product!

Finished Product

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