07 September 2016

Wedding Project: DIY Mini Chandelier

I wanted to institute some glam elements into my wedding reception.  What better way than with a gorgeous chandelier?

My base is a wire basket meant for a hanging plant.  I spray painted it a champage/gold color and proceeded to try draping some beads I got at a garage sale to see what I thought....as you can see I still needed some inspiration.

Not my best work

I quickly realized I needed a much smaller hoop at the top where my beads could start and then it would be much easier to attach them at the bottom.  I decided to use a mason jar lid ring. 

Inside of ring

I cut strands to an approximate length I wanted them and then glued the top of each strand to the inside of my mason jar lid....be careful, hot glue on metal ring is hot-hot-hot!

View from above

From above you can see that they're in there nice and cozy, make sure you glue them in well because this is essentially where all of the beads on your chadelier are going to hang from.  

I attached the mason jar ring full of bead strands to the hook at the top of the basket.  I used fishing line and put a glue dot over the knot.  Then I took each individual strand and attached it to the basket frame with a dot of hot glue. 

 My basket had a hole in the center so I put the end of each strand through the hole to give it a more gathered look.

And Ta-Da!  A chandelier!  Now onto the big one!

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