25 August 2016

Wedding Project: DIY Flower Ball

I had decided that I didn't want my flower girls to sprinkle petals because of clean-up but I still wanted them to carry something floral.  So instead of baskets I made them each a flower ball to carry down the aisle.  

At $15 a piece from Hobby Lobby I knew I could do better on my own!  

I started with Wiffle balls, added flowers and voila!

For $2 a pack you can't beat it!

I purchased flower bushes from the Dollar Tree, so you got 5-6 blooms for $1.  Don't do what I did and ruin your normal scissors by cutting the stems...use wire cutters or say goodbye to your scissors.  

Ruining my scissors
Hot glue the flowers-one into each hole. Don't forget to string a ribbon through so they can carry them!
Glue Gun for the win!
And the finished product!


Can't wait to see my little ladies carrying them down the aisle!

Cost Breakdown: 
3 wiffle balls: $2
Ribbon: had from another project
Flowers: 7 per ball at $1 each: $21 (you can use less I just wanted mine super lush) 
Equals: $7.67 a ball!  

Not the most cost effective because I could have purchased them for half off at Hobby Lobby but I got the exact colors and flowers I wanted.  Hobby Lobby only sold pink (no orange) and they only used roses, this way I was able to utilize the fall flowers that go with our season and theme.  

Stay tuned for the next wedding project!!

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