19 July 2016

We bought a house!

That's right folks!  Our dreams have come true!  We closed on our house and got the keys to our new place Friday!  Can you believe it?!  I've been a homeowner for nearly 4 days!

Well let me tell you a secret about home-ownership that no one tells you...its EXHAUSTING!

We decided we were only going to paint 3 rooms....which has now turned into 3 rooms, a hallway and an entryway and its exhausting.  But why am I still talking here's what you really want...the photos!


Bathroom (textured AND yellow)

Master Bedroom 

Dining Room-the other wall

Living Room-with faux fireplace

Upstairs bedroom #1

Upstairs Bedroom #2 (Brutus is awesome, lack of closet is not) 

Upstairs bathroom

Upstairs Bedroom #3

We're planning on painting the downstairs bathroom, the living room and dining room.  And eventually we'll need to put flooring down in upstairs bedrooms #2 & #3 but since no one is currently staying in them we're not in much of a hurry for that.  We're holding off on doing much in the kitchen until we can afford a full kitchen overhaul...but at the very least I'm hoping to talk him into cabinet doors....I don't know why they took them but I want them back!

Finally, the other thing we did when we adopted a house was we adopted another family member....meet Lily!

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