08 June 2016

Rescued Chair: Part 1

Well last week was the local community garage sales and someone I knew was unloading this chair with great bones...so I adopted it since she was giving it away.  

Great Bones!

As you can see she had started to reupholster it in this really boring fabric and then gave up (she didn't say why) so I decided to start from scratch and pull everything off of it.  

Back of lovely chair

And then the original horsehair was still a part of the chair and that she had chosen to leave it there during her reupholstering failure. 

Not staying with my chair
So I went ahead and ripped all of the padding and horse hair out so that we didn't have any more weird animal by products in our chair and now I'm left with...a naked chair. 


I decided to leave the burlap because it left a nice "housing" around the springs and gave the back some structure between the arms.  But I think I have removed most of the horsehair (I think there is still some lurking under the springs I can't get to) and now I can move onto the fun part....putting her back together!  


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