12 May 2016

Sh*t is getting real

I just wanted to say that its really getting real cause the bridesmaids dresses have arrived!  So wedding things are really happening!

In other "getting real" news someone brought up "SMART" goals the other day and its occurred to me that I've been kinda a wimp about my goals so its time to get real about them.  For those of you that don't know SMART stands for "Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely" basically its saying that if your goals are not all of these things...you're never going to move toward them.  And then of course you need to work out the steps on how to get there. 

So here goes, no more wishy-washy. Here are some SMART goals for my life, no more holding back. 

1. Lose 20 pounds by our trip to Put-in-Bay
S & M (LOL): 20 pounds
A: I have gained more than that amount of weight in the past few months, so its not like I'm trying to reach an unattainable weight goal. 

R:Trust me, after the "eat everything insight medication I was on I have that to lose
T: Our Trip is the last Monday in August. 

How: Gym at least once per week and some sort of fitness-yoga or sit-ups or anything in between gym trips
Daily 5-10,000 step goal

2. Reach 10 Etsy Sales by June 15th
S: number of sales and date
M: Etsy keeps track of all this for me
A: I know ladies making thousands per month so I can do this
R: I think 10 sales is not only doable but possible
T: I'm giving myself a month to get 7 more sales (I have 3 so far) 

How: Once per week I will either add a new product or update the keywords in an item
I will post all of my items on Pinterest with keywords and information about me
I will post new items to Facebook and Instagram as created at least one thing per week (hopefully not the same thing to both platforms). 

3. Make a profit at my Casa Chic Booth
S: I will make more money than I pay in rent (I won't share that just in case that's private information for the shop)
M: I receive a statement from them twice a month
A: It is possible because we did this in March
R: Lots of vendors make money doing this every month
T: I have a month timeline and is accumulative because I still have to pay rent even if I don't earn it in the shop.  

Ok, those are my three specific goals...wish me luck!

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