17 February 2016

DIY Light Box

So, I had been dragging my feet about an Etsy shop because I'm always reading things that say "a good photo is the key to selling on Etsy." So I wanted to create a light box to get the best photography possible.  This box is very simple and the directions were found at Flax & Twine blog and were really good, so definitely check her out. 

A box (I used one from Aldi because it already had one of the sides cut out) 
Tissue Paper
Aluminum Foil (I used this to try to fancy up the backdrop) 

First cut up your box, you want as much light going into your box as possible, so cut the sides about an inch away from the edges....the picture for this part is somehow missing. 

Tape the tissue paper to the sides to diffuse the light.  I used clearance from Christmas.  

It was cheap-don't judge me

Before I added tissue paper across the top of the box, I lined the back with crumpled aluminum foil to give the background a texture and lined the bottom with some white paper.   

Aluminum Foil for texture

So far I'm on the fence about the finished result.  It was hard to get a good shot with the blue border of the box in the way...so I may have some more cutting to do before I'm happy with the finished product.  I also didn't get the cutesy fuzzy shiny effect I wanted with the aluminum foil, so I may end up changing it up to a white background.  

The results: 

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