11 January 2016

Personalized Welcome Mat

Since I have finally given this gift I can share with you what I made!

I was actually really excited about this because I wanted to give them something super useful but I wanted to emphasize how they're a family now. (baby makes 3!)

So I decided on a personalized welcome mat, and of course had the most difficult time finding one that adhered to my specifications that wasn't GINORMOUS.  Seriously, who has a welcome mat 3 times the width of their door? NO ONE! So why do they sell them (I'm looking at you Lowes). 

plain rug

As you can see its a pretty bold color palette, so my choice for color was limited to black.   But I'm hoping some use will fade it and make it a little less garish. 

Then of course I was going to be all clever and stencil it so that it wasn't OBVIOUSLY made by me (I think my handwriting is pretty distinctive and not always in a good way).  But the stencil didn't agree...

useless stencil
Mutilated Stencil

So I free-handed the rest with a sharpie.  

Writing on rug
Free-handed lettering

And filled it in with some outdoor quality paint, to get the finished result. 

completed rug
Finished Product
And sadly I'm STILL not done making Christmas gifts!

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