06 January 2016

New Year's Resolutions

So I was going to be super chic and jump on the Mantra/one-word New Years Resolution thing but I'll be honest, I really gave it some thought and I could not come up with one word or idea that I wanted to focus on this year.  I mean sure you could say the wedding, but Josh and I's lives are so much more than one day or celebration.  So here is my LIST of goals for 2016.  Keep in mind I also try to have goals for each month to keep me rollin'.

1. Make my Y Membership worth what I pay for it
-No I am not going on some crazy wedding weight loss stint, I just don't want to be winded every time I take the stairs!
2. Blog once per week
3. Read 24 books
4. Manage my Depression
-This includes smaller goals including
    a. See a therapist
    b. Work out my medication
    c. Find an outlet
5. Get Married!

I think that's everything!  Here we go 2016!

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