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OMG Shoes

So this is my first time ever making a "too order" item with vinyl.  While I was visiting her in Canton my bestie, Megan, mentioned that she needed a new coffee mug, and having not found one I was determined to make her one for her birthday gift.  However, since her birthday was the 1st week in December (yesterday actually) and I was seeing her over Thanksgiving...I wanted to make it early so she could actually get to use it ON her birthday.  

So first there were the "requirements" what kind of mug, how big, color options, what its made of etc. 

I had no idea finding a mug to someone's specific specifications was so difficult.  She wanted a to-go mug to take back and forth from the office but she wanted it to be plastic rather than the metal ones that are popular right now.  She preferred no handle but if it had a handle she wanted to make sure she could fit more than one finger in it (if she's thinking like me I'm always worried my chubby fingers will get stuck!).  

So here is the mug we ended up with, I'm a little worried about its quality considering it comes from the Dollar Store...but all the other mugs I saw did not meet our criteria!

Dollar Tree Mug Craft
Mug Pre-purchase

So this post is called "OMG Shoes" because of the theme of our mug...The Wizard of Oz.  Because obviously Dorothy's shoes are the stars of the entire movie! 

So I started by creating a stencil to put red glitter on the mug.  I didn't have any red glitter vinyl so the shoes are going to be 3D glitter.  

Contact paper Stencil
Adding glitter

And then once the excess glitter and stencil is removed...we have shoes!  Which I sealed with some red glitter glue I had on hand...which is basically just mod podge with pre mixed glitter.  

Red shoes
OMG Shoes
And then I started focusing on the letters.  After making my mom's mug I noticed that the smaller letters didn't seem to stay as well as the larger ones...but I think I went a little overboard on this one cause now the message is hard to read!

Dorothy quote
Mug with large letters

So to read the quote you had to turn the mug and I didn't really like that so after giving her the mug I decided I would go ahead and give it a second try with some smaller letters (I'd bought an extra mug just in case something happened and I needed to start over). 

Wizard of Oz mug
Mug with mixed letters

I much prefer this layout and then the shoes are on the other side of the mug.  The only problem is I have some concerns that the smaller letters may decide to jump ship and she will have an uncomplete message after she's washed her mug a few times.  But I guess that's why she has 2 now!

So there you have first "made to order" project!  


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