14 December 2015

May the Force Be With this Ugly Christmas T-shirt

So the Ugly Christmas Sweater thing has become a trend and I had found a design that someone had shared on this Silhouette group that I follow that I really wanted to use to try out some Heat Transfer Vinyl I had purchased online.

Cue Megan-December Birthday-Best Friend-and Ugly Christmas Sweater/T-shirt Connoisseur

So as a bonus add-in for the mug I made her for her birthday I decided to make her a t-shirt. First of all, I wish I could give a cookie to whoever uploaded this design on Facebook cause its hilarious and probably took way more patience than I will ever have to do something this cool.

Christmas Cut file
Silhouette Cut File
Cause once the design was cut I had to pick out all the little in-between pieces of vinyl from the design (the technical term is "weeding") and I kinda wanted to shoot my eye out (yes that was a blatant Christmas movie reference)

Star Wars Christmas Tee
Tiny little pieces

The other thing that was nice about this file was that I didn't have to worry about remembering to reverse it.  Since the part of the design that is actually going to adhere to the fabric is going to be a mirror image of what was on the computer screen.  But luckily this image looks great from both directions. Then all I had to do was iron.  

Star Wars shirt
Protect your work from melting

I used a piece of parchment paper in between the vinyl and the iron that way if things got too hot I wouldn't have little melty pieces of vinyl stuck to my my fiance's iron.  Cause of course I don't have an iron of my own...what's his is mine right?

And then I'm left with a most excellent Christmas shirt to wear....now if only I could get Megan to send me some selfies of her modeling all these awesome things!  For now you'll just have to settle for a boring shot of the finished product with no model. 

Star Wars shirt
Finished product. 

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