15 November 2015

Vinyl Adventures

As I may have mentioned previously I have wanted to put in more time with my Silhouette Cameo machine.  So I decided to try my hand at some vinyl on a mug I found at my local Dollar Tree.  Below you will see my Silhouette machine cutting my design.  
Silhouette Cameo cutting vinyl
My Silhouette at work

So once the vinyl is cut I had the wonderful task of weeding, the term the crafting community uses for grabbing all the unwanted vinyl pieces from the design.  I bought a back of tweezers at the Dollar Tree to use just for this purchase, since the weeding tool Silhouette sells is about $13. And here are the results.   

Cricut vinyl
Weeding Complete

And then all I did was pick it up with some transfer tape and moved it onto the mug. 

Using transfer tape
Getting transferred

However, I made the mistake of not cleaning the cup with alcohol before I put the vinyl on so it sort of slid around on the cups some making the smaller letters all wonky.  I also wasn't super pleased with this type of vinyl as it didn't seem to stick as well as I expected.  But I consider this a test run, so we're learning. 

Silhouette vinyl mug
The finished product

The finished product is a test to see how well vinyl sticks to plastic and how permanent it is. I brought it over to my Mom to try out in her dishwasher.  I want to see if they should be handwash only or if they can be put in the dishwasher (vinyl is supposed to be water safe but most crafters say not to use the dishwasher).  

If this one is a success we shall make many many more!

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