04 November 2015

DIY Onesies for the tiniest humans

So this has been something I'd been wanting to try ever since I saw all these tutorials on Pinterest about how to use freezer paper as a cheap and easy stencil.  

Well the first problem was finding freezer paper, all I had was wax paper, which doesn't really work because the point is to iron the waxy part to the shirt...NOT get waxy build-up all over your iron...but the only thing they had at Wal-Mart was a HUGE roll of it...so I'm pretty prepared for awhile.  

I used simple designs and cut them using my Silhouette onto the freezer paper (waxy side down onto cutting mat).  

Silhouette cut Freezer paper stencil
Yes, I know my mat is upside down, but a bad setting cut through the top half. 

As you can see, it did a pretty good number on some of the letters, I was going to do another design, but it was so ripped up I couldn't even use it as a stencil.  So just be aware that you want a pretty big, forgivable design, no skinny cutesy fonts here.  

DIY stencil
Blurry picture of an ancient iron

All you have to do after that is iron the sheet (again waxy/shiny side down) to the fabric.  Make sure you do this on a surface that is approved for ironing...I was doing it on an old table, and some of the table's red paint finish ended up on the back of one of my test onesies.  

Finally, I just used a sponge brush from the Dollar Store to pounce the paint onto the fabric.  I used paint designed for fabric so I didn't have to worry about washing it and then peeled the stencil.  

Painted onesie
Before removing the stencil

I would actually recommend taking the paper off while the paint is still a little wet (but not immediately after you stop painting) because I found it hard to get all the little pieces in between the letters back off of the onesie once it was 100% dry. 

DIY painted onesie
Finished Product 

And now all you need is a tiny human to wear it!

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