21 October 2015

Memorial Shadowbox-Silhouette Project Take 1

I have been trying to think of things to do with my Silhouette Machine for quite awhile now, I had made t-shirts for Megan and I to go to the Price is Right but since then I have done NOTHING!

Strangely enough during my family's unfortunate circumstances I was surprised to find this woman on a Silhouette Facebook group I follow have the same thing happen to her, and she posted this tile she had made with a beautiful sentiment on it.  She kindly provided me the Silhouette cut file and I was able to adjust it to fit what I thought would be best.

About a month ago I had found a shadowbox at the thrift store that was exactly what I had been looking for, larger than the 12x12 but not huge.  I brought it to the counter and she informed me that there was a whole SET of shadowboxes for the (cheap!) price of $5.99.  $6 and 8 shadowboxes later, I was on my way home.  The largest of the set that had first caught my eye I used to put some photographs with a t-shirt from my late cousin.  But there had been two slightly smaller 8x10 boxes that I had yet to find a use for.  These are what I used for my project.

I then adjusted the design she had so kindly sent to me to look like this.  Her original version included the deceased birth and death dates and a cool graphic of a feather that the birds took off from (there wasn't room on mine for that).

Your Wings Were Ready Quote
My edited design. 

I then put my Silhouette machine to work, cutting two copies of the file.  I cut them in reverse so that the vinyl could go on the INSIDE of the shadowboxes.  I then removed the excess vinyl material and used transfer tape (basically contact paper) to pick up the design and then restick it to the inside of my shadowbox.  Picking it up with the transfer tape allowed me to move all of the letters and birds at once so I didn't have to individually place every letter...the inventor of this was awesome.  And that was basically the whole project. 

Memorial Shadowbox

I added white cardstock to the back of the shadowbox since there wasn't anything there except the back of the frame, and it helped the letters really pop.  I left them empty because I wanted the family to be able to put things in there that were truly meaningful to them, not just a picture I had, but their favorite picture, etc.  

And it was so easy!  Looks like I'm going to have to break that Silhouette out more often!

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