12 March 2013

Oh Wait its March

Unfortunately, I have been sadly neglecting most parts of my online life...especially this blog.

The good news the main goal I had for the past few months is finally completed: moving in and officially being completely unpacked in my apartment.  

So now its back to really creating goals and working to achieve them.  

My main goal for March is job searching: now I've got my new Baby Mac (Josh got me an iBook G4 as a Vday gift because this guy was selling it on Craigslist for a super deal) I really need to buckle down and get busy.  

My second goal is to get back to my blog...at least once a week.  This blog is too wonderful to be neglected!   So hold me to it...don't let me neglect you any longer!

And of course we're trying to work on my 101 in 1001.  I can definitely see that I'm not going to complete the entire thing by September....but I think in part that's the point....it shows you how your life changes in such a short time.  

Keep me in line!

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