16 December 2012


Please excuse me while I hop on top of my soapbox for a moment and tell you about a few things that have really ticked me off the past 2 weeks.

 1. People who don't care and who don't even bother to pretend like they do.

Recently I signed up to take part in a swap on a blog that I hadn't really followed for very long but that seemed pretty good and it was for nail polish and it seemed like a lot of fun.  I put about an hour into picking out my items to send to my person, packed it up, made a special trip to the post office during my lunch break to ensure that it was sent by the deadline and now...a month later...I have not received my magical gift of nail polish...so I emailed the girl in charge.  In response I get two sentences.  Now maybe I'm being dramatic but I feel like if I was the person who organized it I would apologize, promise to investigate, and then if it became clear that the other person wasn't going to hold up their end of the bargain I would have offered to send something myself, because after all it was MY swap and I don't want MY swap to look bad...but IDK...maybe I just expect too much from people. 

2. Rental companies who screw over their renters. 

My lease ends December 31st so when I went in and dropped off my last rent check I let them know I was going to go month to month after that.  The lady said "ok, just don't forget your extra $100 next month" confused I asked for more deatils and she stated that there is a $100 month-to-month fee that I will be expected to pay starting January 1st.  So needless to say I freaked out and am now moving.  But seriously!?  Don't you have to give people notice and put that stuff in writing!?  What's worse was because I realized I could not afford this I called them and asked for details about a short-term lease because I know they offer them...and they didn't even call me back...which brings me to my next issue...

3.  People who don't return phone calls. 

I HATE it when people say "leave me a message and I'll get back with you just as soon as I can" in their voicemails because that actually means "I will NEVER call you EVER so don't bother leaving a voicemail" both my rental company and this gentleman who is hoarding the apartment of my DREAMS have REFUSED to call me back and it makes me CRAZY!  So here's your hint...if I leave you a message...call me back...its not cool to leave a girl hanging.  

4.  Traffic

Because of the new job I'm working across town my commute STINKS.  And I just wanted to mention here that I HATE traffic and its giving me some serious road rage.  People need to learn to drive in this city like for REAL. 

5.  Insert other annoying things here.

Like my cat EATING my holiday things (I kid you not I came home to a half eaten Christmas card the other day), bills, trying to find an apartment in 2 weeks while working 10 hour days, paying bills on $9 an hour, affording gas on a ridiculous commute, etc.  

*comes down from soapbox* 

Going to see an apartment this afternoon...wish me luck!  

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