02 November 2012

November Goals

Let's get to work...we need to do a little better this month!

 1. Get a new job

 I have been really missing working a job where I can make a difference. I really want to light a fire under myself to focus on applying and interviewing for a job where I can really affect change.

 2. Read 2 books

Ideally I want to read one self-help style book and one more fun book.  So we'll see what is calling my name.  

3. Work on my knitting
I would love to give my mom a scarf for Christmas! 

4. Put a dent in my current craft project

I'm working on a t-shirt quilt!

5. Keep up the once/week blogging

I want to get myself in a habit of keeping this up!

I think we'll settle with 5 this month, since I didn't do so hot last month.  

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