24 October 2012

The Beauty of the Written Word

I loved this article by Phillip Hensher, "Why Handwriting Matters" because I love handwriting, and stationary, and all the wonderful things that come with putting pen to paper.  

That's why I am really excited about The World Needs More Love Letters project.  Each month they send a bundle of love letters to people who are having a hard time of it and need to be reminded that they are loved.  This month I decided to write two of the three letters to see how I liked it.  I found it really inspiring and a lot of fun!

Dishing out inspiration and reminding other people that they were loved and important was really empowering.  And of course I loved finding cool quotes to share. 

I apologize for the sad photo quality, they were taken with my phone and I haven't upgraded to an IPhone yet.  But I'm super excited about my Love Letters.  They're on their way! 

P.S. If you haven't gone to the Post Office and bought Disney Stamps you should do so...they make me want to send mail to everyone I know! 

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