30 September 2012

September Wrap-up

I'm not very proud of myself this month. I feel pretty wimpy when it comes to the goal achieving.

1. Go to the gym AND work out-I did not do this...I'm defending myself by saying that I was sick for most of the month.  
2. Start practicing my translations again (special thanks to Josh for getting me a bunch of great books in French for our anniversary)-I have no defense *hangs head in shame*
3. Finish 2 books (one self-help book and one for pleasure)-I read "V for Vendetta" which I'm not sure counts because its more of a graphic novel and I STARTED a self-help book and ordered myself one.  
4. Reach 500 followers on Twitter-still not there :( But we're working on it.  
5.  Blog once/week-My one success...

Hopefully we can do better in October. 

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