10 August 2012


I love having a garden plot. I think its one of the best things I've done since moving back to Columbus. However, it does have its drawbacks.

This is what the extent of my zucchini gardening was before my garden plot: 

I still had the benefit of growing delicious zucchini, it was right on my front step where I could check it everyday and the supply was limited by the plant size, which was in turn limited by the pot size (this pot was rather large but still did not provide unlimited zucchini).  

Now lets turn to my current garden plot.  Since my zucchini started ripening a few weeks ago I have harvested 4 zucchini with another that's ready to be picked all at least a foot long!  I'm up to my eyeballs in zucchini!  I've been trying to pick them when they're smaller but they grow so fast that they're huge by the time I realize they're there!  (Due to my work schedule I haven't been making it to my plot everyday).  

So what do you do with POUNDS of zucchini?

Baked zucchini
Fried Zucchini
Zucchini bread (my mom's recipe)
Stir Fry zucchini
Raw zucchini (I like it, don't judge)

And today's newest adventure: Zucchini Brownies!  

As you can see they're quite delicious because the pan is getting emptier and emptier (thanks to my hungry coworkers) and they're VEGAN!  

All they take is vegetable oil, sugar, cocoa powder, salt, vanilla, baking soda, flour, nuts and of course...ZUCCHINI!  You can check out the recipe details from AllRecepies.com.  (Recipe notes: don't bother with the frosting, they're good without.  And don't worry...they'll look crumbly in the pan but they turn out fine)  I'd let you taste mine but they'll be gone before I leave the office! 

Next zucchini baking project (one of my OVERLY large ones gave me 16 cups of shredded zucchini to use) will be cupcakes!  

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