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August Goals Wrap-up

I really have no excuse for my lack of posting...I mean I'm a busy person but I miss doing this all the time so much...I vow to be better! Here's the re-cap of this month's goals:

1. Go to the gym (I will do this someday!)-Funny story...I went to the gym, stripped in the locker room, only to discover I didn't have shorts with me...FAIL  
2. Read (or at least start depending on how bad it is) 50 Shades of Grey.  Completed!  It  really is more of a romance novel that the BDSM-ness that I expected.  But I read all 3...and now I'm halfway through Pride and Prejudice! 

3. Get my professional manicure-CHECK!  I cashed in my groupon and got it last week (and my nails are already so chipped they need wonder its addicting!)
4. Reach my 500 Twitter followers goal (I'm so close!)-I'm still 50 away!  Why is this so hard!?
5. Rearrange the spare bedroom-I started this but its not really completed.  I moved the bed and dresser...but I didn't get the chance to turn the old kitchen table into a desk crafting space before Dolly moved in.   

And now for a life update: 

As alluded to above my apartment is now being shared with Josh and Dolly (the cat who I am convinced is evil but Josh says is not).  He's temping downtown so they're staying with Lucie and I.  We went to Indiana last weekend to go to a wedding for one of his law school friends and before that we had tickets to see Avenue Q (which is hilarious and highly recommended).  I'm also excited about my first attempt at a Fantasy Football league...bring on Fall! 

Look out for more tonight or tomorrow! 


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