30 July 2012

July Goals Wrap-up

Here's a wrap-up of how I did with my July goals: 

1. Cross off one thing in 101 in 1001...CHECK!
I drank my whole DSW water bottle (that's 32 oz) per day for a week straight...since I accidentally melted my VISTA one :-(

2. Go to the gym!!...Some day I'm going to remind myself where that gym is.

3. Rearrange spare bedroom into craft room...This has NOT happened yet.  I haven't even cleared off the table that I want to put up there that's still in my dining room yet!

4. Survive Josh taking the Bar...CHECK!  
This really was the one I was most worried about...so the fact that we both survived is FANTASTIC!  We celebrated with a weekend of hanging out with friends, drive-in, and mostly just spending time that did not involve him studying.  Now all we need to do is get him a law job!  

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