02 June 2012

June Goals

Clearly I spoke too soon with my May goals, as soon as I wrote about how well I was doing blogging nearly everyday...I stopped. So I think this month I'll try not to count my goals until the end of the month, lol.

1. Find new bank (long store short I became very unhappy after I tried to clear up a problem with my current bank and they just tried to sign me up for a credit card instead...so suggestions are welcome)
2. Go to the gym 3 times...I swear I'm going to find where the company gym is again!
3. Finish putting away winter clothes-this has been a slow and tedious process...I need to just do it so I can stop having a whole year's worth of clothes strewn about my bedroom floor.
4. Blog Once/week.

Anyone else have any goals they think I should tackle, another one on my back burner is to start working more on my 101 in 1001 things that I haven't really been focusing on...its been sad and lonely lately!

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