12 June 2012

Do or Don't Do: See before "I Do"

Calling all brides, grooms, future brides, and wanna-be brides.
I want your take on this:

via www.freedigitalphotos.net

I recently read a very interesting article I saw on Pinterest from "The Things We Would Blog"  that was all about reasons why you should see your other half before the wedding and do your photos beforehand. 

As a die-hard traditionalist I was immediately like "how could this crazy woman say this?!" but as I'm reading the article and seeing the photographs of just the bride and groom togther it got me thinking that maybe she has a great point.  You can read her article for her complete reasons but what really got me was the idea that you can't process your normal day without your other half...why would you try to process the biggest day of your life without seeing them first?  Not to mention getting all the photos out of the way so you can go straight to the PARTY! Which is after all the most important part. 

So what are you thinking ladies and gents?  See or not to see...that is the question!

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