21 June 2012

I LOVE Gardening

Check out some of the great things that have been growing in my garden!

I have pretty much seen nothing but these daylilies all summer...they're EVERYWHERE in my garden plot.  I left them because I didn't have it in my heart to pull flowers out...and they've taken over! 

And then I was pleasantly surprised when these started to bloom: 

6 feet tall and more of a coral color than is really shown in the photograph and most importantly, seemingly unbothered by the construction and moving of the waterline and beds right on the other side of the fence.  

And then there's the world's most excited pepper plant:

Yes, you're seeing that right...there are 4 peppers on that plant!  The other one barely has a little nub of a pepper on it and this one is about to be so loaded it can't hold them all!  I'm just hoping that these peppers start turning (they're supposed to be chocolate) soon...we've had some varmints getting into the garden and I'm worried they're going to discover my goodies!

What is everyone else growing this year?

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Maggie said...

I bought a bunch of different plants for Mom for her garden but a lot of them have been fried from the intense heat. I'm hoping that they'll come back okay next year! I really liked the butterfly bush, hydrangea & juniper plants.