14 May 2012

Silly things that make me :-)

Here are a few random things that make me smile, even when everyone thinks they are silly.

1. The fact that my "roomie" and I fixed the internet ourselves this morning...no boy assistance necessary. (which is why I couldn't post yesterday...b/c it took us till this morning to figure it out and my mobile blogging doesn't work)
2. Getting an excellent parking spot at work. 
3. My "roomie" making me coffee before work. 
4. Plants. 
5. How funny my cat is when she chases her laser pointer. 

Today's KIND-ness
This probably is a tomorrow thing because she hasn't seen it...but I did it today. I left my "roomie" aka the girl I work with who's staying with me until her apartment is ready, a love note on her desk. 

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