09 May 2012

Red Light, Green Light

Tonight is my last night of training with Suicide Prevention Services to become a hotline volunteer! My group and I have decided to go out tonight afterwards and celebrate. The bar we were talking about going to is apparently having a Red Light, Green Light party and of course my only non-Ohio State T-shirt red shirt is dirty...pink is lightish red right? Hope Josh doesn't mind! LOL!

Today's KIND-ness
I had to move into a new cubicle today and I still don't know the names of 3/4 of the people that sit next to me.  But one of them said she wanted some more ice for her water bottle and I got up and grabbed her some since I was refilling mine.  She was so like "oh, you don't have to, thank you so much" and it was a nice reminder of why doing simple KIND things are so great!  Even to someone who's name I haven't learned yet! 

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