01 May 2012

The KIND Project.

The past few weeks I have been less than social-and I haven't exactly been a nice person.

I got angry with my friends for being selfish and self-centered and then I realized that I was getting back from my friends the same thing that I had been dishing out lately.  

We live in a world that is all about ourselves.  We use Facebook to post about our lives, we post on Twitter play-by-plays of our every moment.  And I feel that this has made us forget about being good to one another. 

There are tons of different projects out there that illustrate my vision of the emphasis on kindness that I feel that I have lost.  Random Acts of Kindness, The Kindness Project, The Human Kindness Project, etc.  But I feel that I want to emphasize something a little different so I'm going to call my "The Kind Project". 

KIND ="Kindness (in) Individuals (is) Necessary Daily.  

My May goal and daily assignment is to do at least one kind thing everyday this month.  I feel that I have forgotten this part of my life and will be spending the next month bringing it back. 

Because I want this to be a challenge to really force myself to have to think about it I have written a few guildelines for myself: 

1. Cannot be something you would usually do.
2. A kind act for a person must be proportionate to the relationship with the person
--As in more effort in an act of kindness to a person you know (friend, coworker, etc) than you would for a stranger. 
3. Must do a new thing every day
--Doing the same thing for different people is acceptable however you can't do the same thing day after day (i.e. I can make dinner for multiple friends within a month, but I can't spend all week making dinner for the same person and it count each day.)

If anyone feels the need to try this along with me here are a few ideas I came up with that I plan on doing. You can also check out some of the websites I listed above for ideas!

1. Volunteer
2. Pay for strangers coffee, fast food, etc
3. Bravo card for coworkers (internal company compliments)
4. Offer someone a ride home when you know they have to walk 
5. Make someone dinner unexpectantly

Today's KIND-ness

I had been wanting to send a Bravo card to this woman who helped me out at one of the stores but there isn't an easy way to send them one because the online form to do so was not working.  Today I put in the extra time and I filled out the form and personally faxed it over to the store (even though I hate the fax machine) because she really did go above and beyond and she deserved to know.  

In other news...I signed up to Blogathon for this month again this year...wish me luck!

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