15 May 2012

Hidden Talents

I was just talking to my "roomie" about people's hidden talents earlier. You know, those skills you have that no one would expect from you. Like Josh for instance, he tells me he is an excellent caulk-er.  His dad does insulation and when he goes along he obviously helps cultivating some hidden talents.  

Here's a picture of the hidden talent I practiced today! 

I love to arrange flowers.  Granted, arranging these flowers wasn't much of a process but I love doing it for pretty much all flowers.  I filled every vase in my parent's house over Easter just from wildflowers I'd found!  I guess this comes from my love of plants! 

Today's KIND-ness
I made sure to pick a few extra roses (I also did a little vase of roses as well as the peonies) to put in a little vase next to my roomie's bed.  She's only staying a few weeks so she hasn't really decorated her space, so I thought something to make it feel pretty would be nice.    

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