02 May 2012

Goals Update

So for those of you who know me you have probably realized that I pretty much completely failed at my April goals.

Go to the gym-0 times
Deliver my sister's birthday gift-SUCCESS! 

Get my seedlings in the dirt-Done!  AND I repotted them!
Get my apartment respectable-Done (barely within April but done!)
Blog once/week-Or never. 

Complete crafting project-I don't think I even started one...


May goals: 
1. The KIND Project-one kindness everyday. 

2. Word Count Blog-a-thon
3. Plant seedlings in garden plot
4. Take the "pump" test at work to get upgraded to CSR Level 2

Today's KIND-ness
I sent my sister a Mother's day card.  I know it sounds silly to send one to your sister-but I read this card today and it was too perfect.  So I'm sending it to my sister because I know it will make her day.  

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