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DIY Glitter Flats

I was inspired by a pin a user posted from We Are Not Martha (a great crafty site by the way) I found to revamp some really pathetic looking flats that were falling apart to try and create my own glitter flats.

Here are the before photos of the world's saddest-looking flats

So I pulled out some old silver glitter I had from my RA door-dec making days, bought a new jar of Mod Podge and started glittering!  Below is the picture after adding the first coat of Mod Podge and glitter. 

Crafter's tip: mix the mod podge and glitter together before applying
to the flats-that will keep you from leaving a trail of glitter behind you when you walk. 
After applying enough coats of glitter to ensure that all the turquoise color was covered I went ahead and applied two extra coats of Mod Podge to seal any stray glitter pieces that think they can escape me! 

Last coat of Mod Podge!
And then I slipped them on to wear to Katie's Graduation today! 

I did notice that I didn't have the edges sealed perfectly around the sole of the shoe so the glitter seemed to start to peel off a little so I added some extra Mod Podge and hopefully they will hold up a little better.  I think if you were using a pair of fabric flats that probably wouldn't happen as much because the Mod Podge would soak into the fabric enough to get a better bond than these cheap plastic ones would.  

What do you think of my new flats?!

Today's KIND-ness
Today I took Josh to pick out the other half of his graduation gift...aka the shirt to wear with the cufflinks I bought him.  AKA a French Cut shirt (it makes me happy that he is now wearing something "French" LOL).  Well I was going to buy him one shirt to wear with his new gift but we ended up buying two shirts and a new tie, which is awesome for him...but turned out to be more expensive than expected (boy clothes are not cheap like you think) so I feel like I really spoiled my man...and that makes me :)


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