05 May 2012

1 Day Missed

I'm sad that I've already missed a day for Blog-a-thon but I'm telling myself its worth it because I forgot that I hadn't yet because I was doing my KIND-ness.

Yesterday's KIND-ness
Took Josh out to dinner (his choice) and gave him a neck rub while watching basketball with him to get him relaxed and ready for his last Law School exam ever.  Which I'm sure he did great at.  Now I just have to be twice that relaxing to get him through taking the Bar this summer!

Today's KIND-ness
Brittany and I shared our food with a random performer at the Renaissance Festival.  He and his performing partner are really funny and we shared a fried mushroom with him for being such a great Pirate. 

Now I feel like I need to work twice as hard to keep blogging for the rest of May...wish me luck!  

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