01 April 2012

April is here

Wow! April really snuck up on me! I had almost forgotten that it happened today...I probably would have had it not been for going to work.  So of course its time to take a look at March and see what was/was not accomplished. 

1. Go to the gym (I really am going to get there eventually)-I went once...
2. Finish unpacking and/or at least make my floor walkable if I can't empty EVERY box.-the floor is definitely walkable...so I think that's a win!

3. Plan my garden and start my seeds (I put down my deposit on my community garden plot!)-I have a tentative garden plan AND all my seeds are started!  On top of that I went one day and cleared my plot out of all the old dead stuff and got it ready to plant as soon as my seedlings are strong enough!
4. Complete my desk corner in the spare bedroom-I would say we're 75% there.  The desk is all set-up but I think I'm going to need some shelves or something for additional space (although the seedlings are living there so that is making it difficult to work on)

5. Make my apartment semi-respectable so that I don't feel embarrassed when people come by last minute.-I'll be honest...I wouldn't want any of you dropping by anytime soon.
6. Blog once/week-I think I made it the first 2 weeks!
7. Work on having "me-time" Not sure I'm getting enough of this...but I did get some!

So that's a rundown of March so what is it that we want to accomplish for April.

1. Go to the gym more than once
2. Deliver my sister's birthday gift (again)
3. Get my seedlings in the dirt!
4. Get my apartment respectable for company to visit
5. Blog once/week
6. Complete a crafting project

Looks like I have some work to do!  Guess I should get to it!

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