12 February 2012

The Seed Inventory

I thought that before I start seeds I should take a little bit of inventory as to what I have, what I want to eat this summer, and how much of it I actually want to grow.  With my new apartment I have a drastic reduction in the amount of space I have therefore I am either going to need to buy more of what I eat at a farmers' market, CSA, or Kroger or find an alternative planting spot to my current residence.  

So lets start with my seed inventory:

California Poppy (Orange); American Seed
Impatiens (mixed color); American SeedMarigold; Harvested from Wilmington College Community Garden 2010
Zinnia (mixed color); American Seed

Beets (Detroit dark-red); Burpee Signature
Beets (Detroit dark-red); Burpee Signature
Broccoli; American Seed
Brussel Sprouts; Ferry-Morse
Bush beans (white); local Wilmington farmerCabbage; American Seed 
Carrots (Darvers); Livingston Seed
Chives; Horticultural products and services 
Celery;  Ferry-Morse
Leek; Ferry-Morse
Lettuce (Black Seeded Simpson); Livingston Seed
Lettuce (ButterCrunch); Livingston Seed
Lettuce (Iceburg); Buzzy Seeds 
Lettuce (Mesclun); Burpee Signature
Lettuce (Parris Island Romaine); Livingston Seed
Spinach; Burpee Signature
Sweet Pepper (Green); Buzzy Seeds
Sweet Pepper (Red, Quadrato Rosso D'Asti); Ohio Heirloom Seeds

Swiss Chard  (Ruby Red) ; Burpee Signature
Radish (Cherry Bell); Swindler & Son Florists, Wilmington, OH 
Radish (Early Scarlet Globe); Livingston Seed
Spinach (Bloomsdale Long Standing); Livingston Seed

Tomato (Peppermint); Gary Ibsen's Tomatofest
Tomato (Beefsteak); Gary Ibsen's Tomatofest
Tomato (Alicante); Gary Ibsen's Tomatofest
Tomato (Beauty); Gary Ibsen's Tomatofest
Tomato (New Zealand Pink Pear); Gary Ibsen's Tomatofest
Tomato (Old Wyandotte); Gary Ibsen's Tomatofest
Tomato (Boondocks); Gary Ibsen's Tomatofest
Tomato (Mrs Houseworth); Gary Ibsen's Tomatofest
Tomato (Ivory Queen); Gary Ibsen's Tomatofest
Tomato (Tlacolula Ribbed); Gary Ibsen's Tomatofest
Tomato (Japanese Oxheart); Gary Ibsen's Tomatofest
Tomato (Tangella); Gary Ibsen's Tomatofest
Tomato (Wonder Light); Gary Ibsen's Tomatofest
Tomato (Long Season Peach); Gary Ibsen's Tomatofest
Turnip (Purple Top White Globe); Livingston Seed

Almost all of these seeds I was lucky enough to have given to me while I worked with Grow Food, Grow Hope in Wilmington.  Of course that also makes them quite a few months old and have been through a move, a new apartment, and stored in my basement so I'm not sure how viable many of them are going to be.  But I'm certainly ready to find out!  

What is everyone looking to grow this season?

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