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101 in 1001-1 year down

So I have realized that I am now a full year into my 101 things in 1001 days!  So here's an update into how I'm doing.  

Jessica's 101 in 1001

Start: January 1st, 2011
End: September 28th, 2013

1. Keep a written journal (regularly)

2. Blog at least once a week for a month (hopefully forever)
Completed my Wordcount Blog-a-thon challenge!

3. Write personal (and professional) goals for each month and work to achieve them (12/33)I kind of skipped out on this in November & December 2011-but I feel like getting a new job, moving and getting permanently hired on count enough! 
4. Change my bathroom inspiration quotes once a week (for at least a month) 
5. Write something positive about my day every night for at least two weeks
6. Make a meal out of all local ingredients

7. Spend an hour of "me-time" a week that does not involve TV
8. Take a self defense class

9. Go to a Bible study (must try for at least a month)
10. Watch a sunrise 
11. Watch a sunset
12. Sell a piece of art I've created
13. Buy something for myself worth more than $100 without feeling guilty about it
14. Perform in public with my guitar

Share with Others
15.Throw a surprise party for someone
16.Take Jo and Adam to IKEA to pick out their wedding gift
17. Take Josh to Newport Aquariums
18. Have a REAL date with Josh once per month (14/33)

19. Save up for Payton's Dance Classes

20. Learn enough about wine to help someone else pick out a bottle
21. Send 10 Christmas Cards by December 12th every year of this challenge

22. Get Mom an external hard-drive to store all of her photographs safely
23. Donate blood at least 3 times
24. Send one snail mail card or letter per month (14/33)
25. Give someone something that I've made (aka the scarf I'm going to learn to knit or crochet)

26. Have girl time with my coworkers at the El Dorado 
Had girl time with my Columbus girls at Cazuelas February 16, 2012 (since I no longer live in Wilmington to go to El Do!)

Nerd Out
27. Reach 500 followers on Twitter
April, 2011-312 Followers
November, 2011-266 Followers
December 2011-371 Followers 

February 2012-368 Followers
28. Reach 5,000 tweets
April, 2011-2,015 tweets

November, 2011-3,454 tweets
December 2011-3,492 tweets
February 2012-3,550 tweets
29. Create my own HTML template for my blog 
30. Create a photography portfolio (online) for myself and keep it updated
31. Create a Youtube video where I filmed and edited the material before posting
32. Have written 1,000 posts on this blog
10 May 2011-110 posts!
13 June 2011-137 posts
26 September 2011-150 posts
12 February 2012-158 posts
33. Do some research on SEO and really understand how to use it 

Big Girl Things 
34. Get a frame for my diploma and hang it in the office at my big girl job

Received frame from Josh for Christmas 2011!
35. Train myself to wake up ON-TIME to go to work
36. Leave work on-time one night each week for at least a month (4/4)

Now the trick is getting myself to KEEP leaving work on time!

37. Get over $2000 in my savings account and LEAVE IT THERE!

38. Apply for 25 big girl jobs (25/25) 
39. Get a big girl job (hopefully choose one of the ones I applied for)
Started at the London Public Library 1 June 2011!
40. Upgrade to a big girl bed AKA NOT a twin bed
My parents delivered my big girl bed February 19, 2012!

41. Have a classy cocktail party Ala Jeanine and Olivia
42. Join the OSU Alumni Association
43. Go to a networking or job search event and feel as if I have made good connections upon my return
44. Paint my kitchen
45. Paint my living room 
46. Get a real desk to work at in my apartment

Learn to...
47. Play my guitar
48. Use a dark room 
49. Speak another language
50. Horseback Ride
51. Waltz
52. Drive a stick shift
53. Knit or crochet 
54. Shoot a gun (I've done this before but I don't really KNOW how)
55. Get certified in CPR
56. Cook 10 new things
   1. Brussel Sprouts
   2. Vegan vegetable soup broth
   3. Chicken Tortilla Soup (I think this needs a take 2, it didn't go very well)
   4. Chicken Broccoli Casserole
   5. Artichoke
   6. Lamb Burgers
   7. Pesto
   8. Buffalo Chicken Dip
   9. Spiced Cider

  10. Homemade Granola Bars (this will also need a 2nd try) 
57. Meditate

58. All of AFI's Top 100
27 December 2010-19/100
13 June 2011-21/100
February 2012-28/100

59. Every James Bond Movie

Now I want to see all of the "unofficial" ones.
60. The Godfather Series 

61. Read at least one book per month (14/33)

62. Read the Bible front to back
63. Read the newspaper everyday for a week
64. All of the self-help books I've purchased (10/?)
65. All of the books I bought in France

Health and Beauty
66. Begin (and keep) a workout habit
67. Get a professional manicure
68. Get a professional pedicure
69. Throw out all of my underwear and start over 
70. Buy "FM" shoes

The next step is learning how to walk in them!

71. Wash my face morning and night everyday for at least one week straight
72. Moisturize everyday for a week

73. Drink my entire VISTA bottle full of water everyday for one week straight
74. Take my vitamins everyday for one month
75. Find a personal style and rock it

76. Visit the Columbus Conservatory 
77. Visit all Ohio zoos
Columbus Zoo-Zoo Lights, December 2007
Akron Zoo-June 2008
Cincinnati Zoo's Festival of Lights-December 2010

78. Put my feet in the ocean
79. Plan/take my next trip abroad
80. Go to Country concert
81. Take a Road trip
82. Go to all 48 contiguous states (and the other 2 if I can get there)
83. Plan a trip to Chicago
84. Visit two Ohio Wineries

For the Love of the Game
85. Go to an NBA game (preferably the Cavs of course)
86. Go to a Columbus Blue Jackets game
Completed 01/13/2011

87. Go to a Brown's Game
88. Host a party for "The Big Game" 
89. Go to a Columbus Crew Match (with Josh)
90. Go to a Fighting Quakers game

Clean Out and Organize
91. Create a filing system and keep things filed
92. Donate, re-gift, throw out and/or remove 101 things from my life
Completed 01/13/2011
93. Find and/or create a functional island for the kitchen
94. Create my Europe scrapbook
95. Clean out fire safe box and find out what really needs to be in there
96. Get the correct medication cocktail worked out with my doctor
97. Meet with my counselor twice a month for at least 6 months (6/6)
98. Clean out my work files and keep work and personal files separate
99. Use my fabulous pink swiffer sweeper at least once per week
100. Get another bookshelf for my apartment

And I built it out of the box all by myself!
101. Find a new personal calendar that works for me


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