08 August 2011

The Great Potato Experiment

As you all know I worked for a year and a half at the Community Garden Project, Grow Food, Grow Hope. And when you work at a community garden people are always asking for gardening advice or trying to give their own; and in my adventures I was always hearing about different ways to grow potatoes.
Even recently I have heard tell of interesting potato growing schemes such as a "Potato Bed".  

Well the idea that you could grow potatoes in very small spaces was very intriguing to me because what better way to supplement your diet with things you grow yourself than potatoes?!  

So way back at the beginning of the gardening season I found some seed potatoes and some potatoes that were growing eyes and I decided to conduct the Great Potato Growing Experiment.  

I planted seed potatoes in containers-one that was meant to simulate growing in actual earth-(although it wasn't very deep) and the other in a 4 quart pot.  I also planted some extra potatoes that were in my pantry growing eyes in both the earth-like container and a 2 1/2 quart pot.  

Recently the 2 1/2 quart pot died and as you wait to harvest potatoes until after the plant has died off I dumped it in search of a bounty.  As you can see that's not exactly what I found.  


Please note: no cucumbers were grown during the potato growing experiment this was from an adjacent plant , lol

My other containers, being much larger and much more like the environment that potatoes are accustomed to growing in are doing much better.  

The 4 quart container is just now blooming.  

And the larger, shallow container is just now starting to die back a little.
As they have been growing the longest.  

I'll keep you posted on the amount of potatoes that I harvest from each of these.  In the meantime does anyone have an interesting potato growing solutions that they have used?

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