05 July 2011

Tool Lust

I seriously have the DIY bug but feel that I don't have the tools to make it happen.

I have this excellent coffee table that I want to refinish that I "rescued" from Josh's alley but have you ever sanded something that has multiple layers of grossness with just sandpaper.  Someone forgot to take her patience pill when the DIY bug bit her!  

And today I just found this EXCELLENT idea of how to turn an old pallet into shelving that I LOVE.  Kim at Too Much time on My Hands is BRILLIANT!  And I want to make one of these for every room.  But I'd have to rip the pallet apart with my bare hands.

My cabbage plants are nearly ready to begin their journey into becoming saurkraut (I'm determined to make this myself) but I also lack a recepticle large enough to make it in *(my family has promised me a crock that I've yet to receive).  I'm also ready to try making Pesto.  I've always said I was going to but its always been daunting.  I found an easy recipe today from Kitchen Gardeners.  And what's even better I found a recipe for pesto that uses Garlic Scapes (and if you ever let me cook for you you'll learn I love garlic!).  

The other DIY thing that I have been wanting to get to is some sewing.  I have a few pairs of dress pants that could use new hems and some thrift store finds that will need some more after they're done drying (they're hanging on all of the furniture in my apartment because my dryer quit working).  This all of course makes me long for a sewing machine and after finding this great idea for a skirt from a t-shirt on Love and Trash it makes me want one even more!

So as you can see a sewing machine, a saw, a sander, a crock all things on my "Tools that would make my DIY life amazing" list.  I'd also add a food processor to that list because my baby "7-in-1" only food processes when it FEELS like it.  

Wish me luck!

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