02 June 2011

Nasturtium-Glean Mix

I have never grown naturtiums before this year.  Apparently they're super easy to grow and don't seem to mind being neglected.  

And in this vein, mine has bloomed!  I bought it a few weeks ago at the Master Gardener plant sale because I had recently learned that they're edible and used them in an Edible Landscaping Plan I had created for a garden at the ministry.  So I bought one to try out and with barely remembering to water this hanging basket it has a beautiful orange flower to surprise me today!

Apparently they have a slight peppery flavor and both the leaves and flowers are edible.  Since I had some extra space in my square foot garden down the street I also sowed some into that garden.  So I'll let you know how long they take to germinate.  The seeds look like mini human brains and they grow into kinda floppy droppy plants which is why I love them in my hanging basket. 

In future posts I want to keep writing about all the plants that I got from the plant sale, I'm making it a point to try and keep track of the particular varieties I grow and which ones I like the best. 

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